About the Owners

Marisa Toriggino and David Nelson

Marisa Toriggino and David Nelson met in 1998 when they both started working at newly formed Castro Yoga.

Marisa had been practicing yoga for nearly 14 years, while David had only begun his practice a few years before. Their shared passion for the subject and for each other led to this crazy scene where David proposed marriage to Marisa while they were in headstands while leading a yoga retreat in Hawaii. They were married in July 2000.

Castro Yoga, now Yoga Garden SF, has been their passion and livelihood. In 2004 they purchased a commercial building on Divisadero Street and raised their two daughters, Arielle and Ingrid upstairs, running the yoga school on the ground floor. In 2009, they moved out of the building, and Yoga Garden SF took the entire premises.

Through the years of developing a business, raising a family, and nurturing their relationship, the study and practice of yoga in all levels and activities of their lives has been an inspiration and foundation for spiritual growth and a guide for living.

Read more about David here and Marisa here.

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