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Our mission is based on personal care. So we are always working to improve the way we can bring our knowledge and experience of yoga to our students. When we get criticism, we hear it and address it. When we receive favorable feedback, we like to share it so that new students can benefit from what other’s already know.

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We want the opportunity to improve, to correct our mistakes, and to thank those who have done a good job, so please give us direct feedback by completing this short, anonymous survey.

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“This is the best yoga studio I have been to in the city. They really focus on making sure the students know the poses and are benefitting from the practice as a whole. There are evening classes that start at 8:00 p.m. which is great for those of us who work late. Now there is no excuse to miss it. There is also a very easy online booking system and they even emailed me to say I only had one class left in my series!” – Katherine B., Yelp

“David and Marisa have the special quality of creating magical spaces around them. After entering the heavy wooden doors you wander down a path surrounded by flowing water and peaceful gardens until you arrive in a homey comfortable yoga studio filled with roped walls and all the best yoga props you could ever think of in your divine imagination. They have extremely high Iyengar standards, so you will only find highly gifted teachers.” – Debora S., Yelp

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