Yoga Garden Professional Standards and Ethics

As a member of the Yoga Garden community I agree:

Relationships with Self and Others

  • to embrace and practice the values articulated by Patanjali’s yoga sutra in the yama and niyama, namely
  • to refrain from violence toward others in thought, word and deed
  • to seek and speak the truth; to cultivate discernment without prejudice
  • to avoid desire derived from the attainments of others
  • to subordinate my immediate needs and desires to a higher purpose and intention
  • to avoid taking more than is needed, to cultivate generosity as a habit
  • to practice cleanliness of thoughts, actions, body, and space
  • to have the courage to change that which we can, to accept that which we cannot, and to cultivate the wisdom to know the difference
  • to engage in growth through self discipline and practice with passion
  • to support my practice and life with study and knowledge of those who have gone before me; to encourage inquiry in myself and others
  • to surrender my efforts and their fruits to my spiritual purpose; to develop my faith in the unfolding mystery of life.

Teacher-Student Relationship

  • to uphold the integrity of the yoga practice and teachings as I’ve learned them, by conducting myself professionally and conscientiously.
  • to know the limitations of my own knowledge and scope of practice, and to not misrepresent that knowledge to others.
  • to respect the privacy, rights, and views of my students, and hold information given in confidence to the strictest standard.
  • to refrain from any actions or statements with my students or teacher that are or could be perceived to be sexual.
  • to hold equal respect for all students regardless of age, physical limitations, race, gender, ethnic origin, religious affiliation, or affectional orientation.


  • to create diversity in my community by inviting difference into my life; diversity is a way for me to grow and a way to honor the nature of the human experience.
  • to celebrate each individual’s growth and success and to be supportive and encouraging when it is needed.
  • to only use criticism as a positive tool for teaching and helping others; to refrain from disparaging comments about others or their practice or other styles of yoga.


  • to recognize, teach, and promote community as a supportive element of mindful practice and yoga as a contributor to the well being of a community and its members.
  • to foster community by encouraging meaningful relationships between all of the participants of our activities.
  • to seek and acknowledge the effect of my actions on others, on my community, and on the Earth, and to consider these effects when I contemplate my actions.

Promulgation of the practice of yoga

  • to ensure that what I teach as yoga is part of a legitimate body of knowledge which I have learned or contributed to as a student and practitioner.
  • to create a positive vision for future generations through my teachings and business practices.
  • to speak plainly, specifically, and clearly to create understanding, not obfuscation.
  • to avoid creating a false sense of authority by inaccurately or unclearly naming ideas as “yogi”, “classical” or “traditional”, unless it has been substantiated through credible sources.

Conduct of business

  • to adhere to all local and national laws.
  • to honestly represent the values of our services and products, including their benefits to the student/consumer.
  • to pursue livelihood and financial success as a healthy exchange of energy and well-being.
  • to honor all stakeholders and their interests and to navigate a balance between their varied interests.

Ethics Reflected in Yoga Garden SF Teaching Staff and Business Owners

What is taught

  • We offer classes from multiple lineages; including Iyengar, vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, prenatal, postnatal, restorative, yoga for older people, and yoga for children.
  • We emphasize accessibility, safety, and high level of competence and personal care.

How it is taught

  • We teach yoga with the belief that personal care and skilled instruction can make yoga beneficial for everyone.
  • Teachers at Yoga Garden SF are knowledgeable, safe, and professional.
  • We teach yoga based on personal life experience.
  • We encourage people to trust their own experience and to look for collective wisdom and intelligence.
  • We create forms of teaching that inspire full participation and engagement.
  • Our community honors diversity and maintains integrity.

What is not taught

  • We keep our environment apolitical and unreligious, opening our doors to multiple ways of knowing, and supporting each individuals’ journey.
  • We teach spirituality intimately related to direct, first-hand experience.

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