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March 18, 2012

New Student Special

Yoga Garden is the best place to begin your yoga practice.

Enjoy four weeks of unlimited yoga for only $65! Take up to one class a day, excluding Mysore. No strings attached, no auto-renewals.

Offer for new students only.

Whether you are new in town or new to yoga, Yoga Garden welcomes you to try our classes and join our community. Whatever style of yoga you practice and whatever your ability level, we offer a variety of classes to suit your personal practice. We are home to a bright, intelligent, and fun community of teachers and practitioners. See what others are saying about yoga at the Garden here .

We have nearly 100 classes a week, starting at 7 am and ending at 9:30 pm. Come give us a try!

Click here to purchase – 4 weeks of unlimited yoga (one class per day, excludes Mysore) for just $65!


By Sonya Genel

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  1. Does this $65 offer pertain to Iyengar Yoga classes on Monday nights?
    If so, I would like to do this.
    Please contact me at
    Judy Ford

    Comment by judithmford — December 26, 2011

  2. Yes, it does!

    Comment by Darcy Craig — January 6, 2012

  3. Great deal! Can I start using the package later (ie mid-March), or does it automatically start the day after purchase?

    Comment by Caitlin — January 23, 2012

  4. You can designate the start date when you make the purchase.

    Comment by David Nelson — January 24, 2012

  5. I know someone has already asked whether she could use the package later (in mid-March), but can I begin using the package even later (ie. towards the end of May)? Is there an expiration for package or does it only depend on the start date?

    Comment by Jeanette Cheng — March 20, 2012

  6. You have one month to begin using the intro package. When you use it, the activation date is reset to the first day of use and the membership is good for one month from that date. If you are planning to start at the end of May, you should wait, because it will expire. Check at that time for our current introductory offer. We always have something going.

    Comment by David Nelson — March 29, 2012

  7. I am not new to yoga but have not practiced in a year. i am new to Yoga Garden, could you clarify “new student” per the $65. offer.

    Comment by vicki carlin — March 22, 2012

  8. “New student” means new to Yoga Garden. If you have used our introductory offer in the past, you will not be able to purchase it again. Otherwise it is available.

    Comment by David Nelson — March 26, 2012

  9. Hello, I am thinking about getting back into yoga and am interested in your $65 first time student deal. Is it possible to pay for this option directly at your studio in cash? Or is this online payment only?

    Thank you very much and looking forward to doing yoga in your space.

    Comment by Jenny — July 5, 2012

  10. Hi Jenny! You are most welcome to come in and pay right at the front desk with cash 🙂

    Comment by Sonya Genel — July 9, 2012

  11. how warm is the room temperature where the yoga classess take place and what is monthly membership fee once 30 day introductory offer is used?

    Comment by robert sisto — September 30, 2012

  12. Room temp varies depending on the style and class, but we don’t typically heat rooms over the mid-70s, although some classes heat up themselves. This is not a Bikram studio. We offer a second month at $95.

    Comment by David Nelson — October 4, 2012

  13. Today, I have got a mom and baby yoga class and I really enjoyed it. Gabbriella is an amazing instructor and she definitely knows what moms really needs. I felt much better after the class.
    It was my first time at Yoga Garden SF BUT nobody offered me the new student special or even mentioned this deal. I wish I could know it. I think, the person who does sign ups on the front desk should explain the options to new customers. Is there any way to pay the rest and get this new student special? Thanks!

    Comment by Aysem — March 28, 2013

  14. Hi Aysem,
    I’m very sorry that the new student special was not mentioned to you at the front desk! It certainly is available to you and the payment you made towards that one class can be applied instead towards the 4 week membership price. We can set this up next time you come in at the front desk, or you can call the studio any day 7am-8:30pm and somebody will help you by phone.
    We are so glad you enjoyed your experience at mom and baby yoga! See you soon.

    Comment by Sonya Genel — April 1, 2013

  15. I’m looking to test the yoga waters at your 4 weeks of Sunday afternoon classes for beginners, as I’m new to yoga and am not sure I’m ready to make a big of a commitment as this quite yet. If I fall in love with it (and I hope to!!!), could I begin the $65/month after the Sunday afternoon session is complete?

    Comment by Courtney — February 6, 2014

  16. Yes, but we will do better than that. If you complete the 4 week intro series, we will offer you a special one-month price that is even lower than the $65 rate. Sign-up! You will fall in love with it!

    Comment by David Nelson — February 7, 2014

  17. After the introductory discount, is each subsequent month $95? Are there discounts if you pay in advance for 3 or 6 month packages?

    Comment by Susan Schmidt — July 15, 2014

  18. After the Introductory Month, you are offered a second month at $95. After that month, the monthly auto renewal rate is $135. However, we regularly run specials for three, six, and 12 months, which run the price down to about $100 a month. Use the contact us form under About in the menu for more information and to speak to our membership specialist.

    Comment by David Nelson — July 27, 2014

  19. I’m interested in your New Student Special, but would like to take a free class before committing. Do I have to wait until January 11, or are there any free classes available now?



    Comment by Robert Mandatta — December 19, 2014

  20. Hi Robert, the free class is an introduction to yoga for complete beginners. That is the next time that we will be offering it. However, you can always take a class at YGSF without any commitment. We have drop-in rates, and if you like the class, you can upgrade the drop-in to the New Student Special after class. This is the route to go if you have any yoga experience, but if you don’t, I recommend signing up for the free class in January.

    Comment by David Nelson — December 19, 2014

  21. Hi YGSF,
    I’m new to YGSF and haven’t practiced yoga in a long time. I have some left hip & hamstring tears, so I wonder if yoga can be modified for such conditions or if I should wait until the problems are surgically corrected before coming to YGSF?

    Comment by S — April 26, 2015

  22. Feel free to come to class. Advise your teacher of your injuries; however, you must listen to your own body and avoid anything that feels like it is injurious and take an alternative that your teacher will give you. Yoga teachers are not trained medical professionals and cannot diagnose or treat serious medical conditions. Yoga supports the body’s natural healing processes by bringing consciousness and supportive movement to our bodies and how we use them.

    Comment by David Nelson — April 26, 2015

  23. I will be in the area for one week. Is there a special for this?

    Comment by Jess — August 20, 2015

  24. Try the eltourista pass. It’s 3 classes for $45, or we have a 5-class pass for $85.

    Comment by David Nelson — August 29, 2015

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