Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Training

Yoga Garden SF and Yoga Tune Up® are offering anatomy-rich teacher training and professional developmet programs! Learn anatomy from the inside out with Yoga Tune Up®!


Yoga Tune Up®: Anatomy

This comprehensive 20-hour anatomy module expertly guides you into your living tissues in a concrete and inspiring way.

It provides you with a personal experience of the interplay between complex systems of the body and helps you make them relevant and tangible for your students.

Learn how the multiple layers of the body relate and function as a whole while simultaneously exploring specific anatomical structures, physiological processes and typical movement patterns and pathologies.

The unique Yoga Tune Up® approach helps you embody anatomy and our methodology dramatically improves your retention of the clinical language of anatomy in an accessible and fun way.

Dynamic movement, combined with video, 3-D models, palpation, and self-massage tools and techniques invite you to traverse the muscles, joints, bones and fascia.  You will explore their interrelatedness to breath, circulation, immunity, injury and newfound movement patterns.

The curriculum is suitable for yogis of all levels, but also ideal for any movement professional who desires to sharpen their ability to perceive within themselves as well as correctly locate in others, the vital structural landmarks and meaningful continuities of the body within any yoga or fitness practice. Make anatomy relevant to you, and your students will follow!

Dates: October 5, 6, 12, 13 – Register here

Tuition: $395 (price includes a $49 materials fee for the course manual and a pair of YTU Therapy Balls). Students are required to purchase Trail Guide to the Body, 4th Edition,  Andrew Biel (spiral bound recommended, read prior to program).

Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 Certification Program with Jill Miller

The Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 70 hour Certification Program strikes a balance between the worlds of Yoga and fitness, attracting trainees of all ages and body types. It breaks down the nuts and bolts of human movement by using a yogic lens of awareness, conscious relaxation, and proper breathing techniques.

The Level 1 environment fosters trainees into a newly intimate understanding of their own architecture. Yoga Tune Up® trainees dive deeply into integrated anatomy and body mechanics while discovering a fresh approach to Asana. You will go beyond formulaic instruction and truly learn how to think and teach creatively within your classroom. Trainees are presented with “template” Yoga Tune Up® classes to help jumpstart their teaching.

Successful completion and certification of the Level 1 training is mandatory prior to teaching any Yoga Tune Up® classes. Level 1 is required for YTU Integrated Certificate and for Yoga Tune Up® Therapist consideration.

This 70 hour training:

  • Prepares you to teach your own Yoga Tune Up® classes and includes class templates to jump-start your own Yoga Tune Up® classes
  • Become proficient and comfortable with fundamentals of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics
  • Learn a step-by-step guide to creating memorable, accessible, and effective Yoga Tune Up® classes and “Think out of the Boxana”
  • Refresh your love of teaching and learn new classroom leadership skills

Check back soon for dates.


Yoga Tune Up® Core Immersion

Yoga Tune Up® Core Immersion Module – 12 hours

The YTU Core Immersion enhances your connection to the abdominal core and is filled with practical tools for effectively integrating profound core work into your practice and teaching. Learn how to apply conscious core moves into your daily fitness or yoga practice, as well as ways of “core”ganizing and sequencing the exercises within a classroom setting.

Through embodied anatomy explorations, you will systematically travel within your core to explore the key structures that mobilize and stabilize the spine. Learn dozens of power building core-related breathing exercises and meditation practices to improve your diaphragm’s structural and physiological function. Recondition, locate and connect to a greater sense of whole body spatial awareness.

Each day begins with posture and performance reviving self- massage techniques. Practice sessions deconstruct the core tissue-by-tissue with fascinating and challenging exercises derived from Yoga Tune Up®. Afternoon sessions include injury scenarios, assessment strategies, hands-on-help and conscious relaxation/yoga nidra. Uncover a more tangible relationship to your core and ultimately inspire others to do the same.

This training is applicable to Yoga, Pilates, Massage Therapists, Dancers, Martial Artists and all fitness professionals.

Check back soon for dates.


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