Back Care for Moms-Cultivating Ease & Strength in our Bodies

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This workshop is appropriate for moms with children age four and under and will include a short sequence that you can take home with photos and explanation of postures. As moms we spend most of our hours nurturing new life with our bodies. Nursing, holding, supporting or simply looking down at our baby/child can leave us with an achy neck, tight shoulders and a painful lower back.

In this workshop you will learn yoga postures to reduce tightness and pain and increase a sense of ease and movement in your neck, shoulders and back. We will also look at strategies for improving our posture while caring for our babies through yoga postures focused on strengthening our abdomen and back. For those attending with newborns this workshop will have “a feeding break” when partners can come with babies.

Workshop fee is $45. Early Bird Discount is $35. Member discount for all Members. Register here!