BIPOC Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship


Yoga Garden SF recognizes the structural and institutional racism in the self-care, wellness, and yoga communities. We are committed to removing financial barriers to yoga education in order to make yoga more accessible, equitable and representative.

We offer 2 full scholarships per training and we have options for partial scholarships. You may apply for more than one training, but only one scholarship will be awarded per person per calendar year, and you must submit one application for each training. You will be notified via email once the scholarship decision has been made (approximately 1 month before training starts), and we’ll let you know at that time if any partial scholarships are available.

**If you are applying for an in person training, please make sure you are able to commit to being at the Yoga Garden studio in San Francisco during the scheduled times. The event pages on state if a training is in person or virtual.**

Who is eligible:
This scholarship is allocated to those with multiple intersecting identities including BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, South Asian, Asian, Diasporic, Immigrants & People of Color) communities who otherwise wouldn’t be able to participate without support. Other intersectional considerations for BIPOC include LGBTQIA+ communities, eligible for public assistance, are experiencing discrimination, medical expenses, have dependents, previously incarcerated, living with a disability, among many others.

Scholarship Amount:
This scholarship will cover 100% of the tuition for the teacher training program of your choice. To-date we have supported thirty (30) Black, Indigenous, South Asian, Asian, Diasporic, Immigrants & People of Color to become trained as yoga instructors since its beginning in 2020.

Upcoming Trainings:

Note: If you have not completed any yoga teacher training before the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is the place to start. For the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, we also recommend at least six months of prior yoga practice.

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BIPOC Teacher Training Scholarship

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    If you're interested in more than one program, please submit a separate application for each training. To ensure as many people benefit from the scholarship as possible, each applicant is limited to receive funding for one program per calendar year.