Ghee & Kitchadi, The Yogi’s Meal

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With Ryan DeMatteo Spend a Saturday afternoon learning the ancient art of preparing Ghee (clarified butter). Then make Kitchadi, a rice and dal dish that is a staple of Indian Ayurvedic diets. This clean and simple meal is a wholesome piece in a yogic lifestyle. Ryan prepares this dish weekly, … Read More


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Contrary to popular belief, classical Pilates is not all about abs. Josef Pilates would say it is about the integrity of the spine and the whole family of muscles that help it remain healthy and flexible. How does this relate to yoga? Having a strong and stable core and healthy … Read More

Vernal Equinox One-day Intensive

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Come celebrate the Vernal Equinox March 21 with a one-day intensive Iyengar yoga workshop with Brian Hogencamp! This one-day workshop will focus on asana in the morning and pranayama in the afternoon. Students should have one year of consistent experience in the Iyengar method. $65 for the day. Click here … Read More