Sarah Bay

Hannah MorrisTeacher

SARAH BAY RYT 200 | Teacher Growing up in Denmark, Sarah began her yoga practice in her early teens in 2002. Since then, yoga asana and philosophy have been a key part of her toolbox to center her body and mind when going through life’s twists and turns. She teaches … Read More

Mairin McCracken

Hannah MorrisTeacher

MAIRIN MCCRACKEN RYT 200 | Teacher Coming from a dance background, Mairin’s entire life has been a celebration of the connection between mind, body and spirit. While a dance injury first led her to explore the physical aspect of yoga, her passion for spiritual growth is what has led her … Read More

Susan McCormick

Hannah MorrisTeacher

SUSAN MCCORMICK CIYT * | Teacher Susan has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, teaching since 2008 and continues to study regularly with senior Iyengar teachers. Interest in strengthening her pelvic floor to avoid surgery led her to seek out experts in the fields of physical therapy and pelvic floor … Read More

Lael Caitlin

Hannah MorrisTeacher

Lael Caitlin RYT – 200  | Teacher Lael’s initial exploration of yoga wasn’t love-at-first-sight. It was challenging and even frustrating. However, there was a powerful attraction. There was a sense of being outside, looking in at something extraordinary, and a deep desire was born to find a way inside, to … Read More

Sara Isaac

Hannah MorrisTeacher

SARA ISAAC RYT – 500  | Teacher Sara Isaac, RYT 500, started practicing yoga after trying a myriad of treatments to mitigate her anxiety. She tried and found yoga to be the most effective way to make her more grounded and present. She graduated from the University of Michigan in … Read More

Alyssa Byrd

Hannah MorrisTeacher

ALYSSA BYRD E-RYT  | Teacher Alyssa Byrd (E-RYT) has been an avid student of yoga for more than sixteen years and has been sharing yoga widely across the Bay Area since 2005. Her fascination with yoga philosophy began in high school, but it was not until a deep immersion in hot yoga that she … Read More

Rachael Freedman

Hannah MorrisTeacher

RACHAEL FREEDMAN RYT 500 | Teacher Rachael Freedman began her journey as a yoga teacher in order to heal herself. She graduated from architecture school with debilitating pain and found Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda helped heal her injuries. She completed her 200-hr, 500-hr, and Prenatal Yoga training with an emphasis … Read More

Erin Carney

Hannah MorrisTeacher

Erin is devoted to illumination. What is it that sparks us awake? How do we expand both our boundaries and our interior edges? Her work revolves around cultivating a deeper intimacy within ourselves that reverberates back out into our connection with nature, with our families, our partners, and our communities. Steadfast with the human heart, Erin calls on your truth, and listens for your answer. Using movement, breath, space, sound and silence, Erin delivers you home. Her pre-professional training in ballet and her curiosity of the human cosmos blend discipline and whimsy in the pursuit of awakening and living our fullest life. 

VaZa (Vanessa Racinet)

Brittany McBrideTeacher

VaZa has a dynamic approach that guides students through a physically and spiritually expansive journey. Her teaching is unique in that her sometimes vigorous style is coupled with a strong focus on proper alignment and total body awareness.

Meredith Holt

Brittany McBrideStaff, Teacher

Meredith has been a part of the Yoga Garden team since 2014, cultivating community and teaching yoga and meditation. She has a passion for being awake in the world and yoga has been a profound practice of aligning thoughts, words, and actions with a deep soul intention, orienting her to more kindness, compassion, and love.