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Foundations for Freedom

May 21 @ 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

with John HaydenĀ 

In Hatha Yoga, inversions are seen as a pathway to moksha– freedom from the mortal world of ordinary experience. The inverted asanas are utilized by the seasoned practitioner as gateway to the inward-looking mind.

In this workshop we will explore 4 of the foundational inversions:

  • salamba sirsasana (headstand),
  • adho mukha vrksasana (handstand),
  • pincha mayurasana (elbow balance)
  • salamba sarvangasana (shoulderstand/all body supported pose).

We will take a closer look at the foundations for these poses and explore the preparatory asanas that teach the essential actions needed to perform inversions correctly.

This workshop is designed for students who are serious about developing or deepening their practice of inversions. All levels are welcome – you can learn so much in this workshop without ever even standing on your head!

Beginners will learn the methods necessary to develop strength and awareness in each pose, setting the foundation for a safe, beneficial inversion practice. Intermediate and advanced practitioners will strengthen their understanding of the foundations of each pose, and learn how to safely increase the time spent upside-down with each inversion so as to experience maximum benefit.

In Iyengar tradition, inversions are discouraged for women on their menstrual cycle. Please use your best judgment or consult with John if you have any questions.

This course provides 2.5 Elective Contact Hours for YGSF’s 300 Hour Program [2.5 Yoga AllianceĀ® CEUs].

For more about our 300 Hour Teacher Training CLICK HERE.

Tuition is $55, or $45 if you enroll on or before 5/1.

YGSF Members receive 10% off the regular price of this workshop. Alumni receive 15% off the regular price of this workshop.