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Trauma-Informed: Intersectional Yoga Teaching

August 13 - August 14

With Europa Grace

Intersectionality is a framework for understanding how aspects of a person’s social and political identities combine to create different lived experiences. No matter our individual backgrounds, we have all been negatively impacted by white supremacy culture, which dominates the many aspects of our society from education to housing to healing practices like yoga. In order to dismantle white supremacy culture and the trauma that is a systematic part of its design, we must be committed to a process of decoupling our healing from capitalist, hetero-patriarchy, and to teach in an intersectional way.

This module is an opportunity to go back in time to fetch the true intentions of this ancient healing practice and carry it forth, along with our own personal ancestral practices. Together we examine how modern yoga often functions as a tool of oppression (rather than healing), and the ways in which we each play a part in this paradigm as well as the power we each have to do something different. We explore activating our senses in our practice as a mode and methodology for growth and trust rather than separation. We have what we need within us to create safe and grounded healing spaces; only from our own location can we attempt to build a bridge toward more inclusive spaces of healing.

Saturday, August 13, 11:15am -4:30pm
Sunday, August 14, 11:15am-4:30pm

This module, taken with the other modules of the Trauma-Informed training, provides 45 Elective Contact Hours in YGSF’s 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training [45 Yoga Alliance® CEUs].
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Required Reading:
“My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending our Hearts and Bodies” by Resmaa Menakem
*Chapters 1-3 must be completed prior to the first day of training*


Tuition is $990 for the 45 hour program. Modules for this program are offered twice a year; you will have a full year to complete all modules for the certificate. Each module can be taken once.

BIPOC & people of non-dominant identities –> Apply for a full-tuition scholarship for this training here.

YGSF Members receive 10% off the regular price of this training. YGSF Alumni receive 15% off the regular price. Please contact [email protected] to receive your discount.