Helping Women Heal from a Traumatic or Negative Birth with Phyllis Klaus & Gabby Yates

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Yoga Instructors will receive 16 hours of continuing education credits.
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A traumatic or negative birth experience can leave a woman feeling powerless, overwhelmed and isolated thereby severely impacting her capacity to heal from birth and bond with her newborn. However, with the appropriate tools a pre/post natal yoga instructor and/or maternity caregiver can recognize the causes and risk factors involved and support a woman in processing and confidently resolving these experiences to return to a sense of wholeness.


A two-day workshop for pre/postnatal yoga instructors and maternity caregivers, (physicians, nurses, midwives, lactation consultants, educators, perinatal therapists, labor and postpartum doulas, acupuncturists and other support people.) with internationally acclaimed psychotherapist and author Phyllis Klaus (Mothering the Mother, The Doula Book, Your Amazing Newborn, When Survivors Give Birth) and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Instructor Gabbriella Yates.

Objectives of the workshop:

Pre/postnatal yoga instructors and maternity caregivers will be able to:

1. Identify the characteristics of traumatic or negative birth experiences for the mother, baby, and the father.

2. Recognize the psychological and physical manifestations of post-traumatic stress reactions following childbirth.

3. Understand the effects of such trauma or distressful events on the mother’s sense of self, confidence in mothering, and emotional aftermath.

4. Understand the effects of such trauma on the mother’s relationship with the infant, on breastfeeding, and future childbearing.

5. Learn how trauma sensitive yoga fosters grounding, connection, and self -care

6. Learn how to use yoga, mind body tools and counseling methods to heal and resolve the negative birth events in order to work through the feelings and effects of disappointment, loss, or trauma.

7. Develop some counseling methods to address the breastfeeding concerns.

8. Recognize the importance of the partner’s feelings and aid the couple’s communication.Each day we will begin and end with a gentle, trauma sensitive yoga practice led by Gabbriella.

Instructor Bios

Phyllis Klaus, MFT,LMSW is a licensed psychotherapist, marriage, family, therapist, and social worker. Formerly at the Milton H. Erickson Institute in Santa Rosa, California, she currently practices in Berkeley, California, providing psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and counseling to individuals, couples, families, children, and groups. She has worked with the concerns, both medical and psychosocial of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period for the past 30 years, and has been involved in research and training of maternity caregivers.

Much of her clinical management in the perinatal period has focused on the following:

1) Women with a history of childhood sexual abuse and its effects on childbearing

2) The use of hypnosis and brief psychotherapy to alleviate clinical symptoms of pregnancy such as premature labor, hyperemesis gravidarum, bleeding; and the psychological issues of anxiety and depression

3) Attachment disorders

4) Issues of birth trauma and loss

5) Postpartum mood disorders

6) Methods of pain relief in labor with self-hypnosis.In addition, she has a general practice with extensive experience working with grief and loss; trauma; abuse; dissociative disorders; anxiety, depression; somatic and medical disorders and conditions; family of origin; attachment, and parent-child issues.

She is a National Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and in the American Psychotherapy Association, as well as the American Academy of Experts of Traumatic Stress. She is an EMDR Institute Facilitator, Approved Consultant, and Trainer, and has incorporated EMDR into her work for the past 13 years. She consults and gives lectures and psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and EMDR workshops nationally and internationally. She is co-author of several articles as well as Mothering the Mother, Your Amazing Newborn, Bonding, a video, The Amazing Talents of the Newborn, The Doula Book; and When Survivors Give Birth.

Gabbriella Yates is a certified yoga instructor and holds a master’s degree in Conflict Transformation. Previous to moving to San Francisco and becoming a mother she worked in the post-conflict field in Kosovo and Afghanistan as a dialogue consultant, facilitating conflict resolution workshops that integrated yoga as a healing tool. Gabbriella teaches prenatal, Iyengar and mom & baby yoga at the Yoga Garden of San Francisco and is known for her warm and precise teaching style.

This workshop is two full days and includes vegetarian lunch on both days.

Dates: January 17 & 18, 10am – 6pm

Fee is: $350.

Early Bird Discount is: $310. if registered by 12/15/2012
10% off to Yoga Garden SF members

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