Lael Caitlin

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Lael Caitlin

RYT – 200  | Teacher

Lael’s initial exploration of yoga wasn’t love-at-first-sight. It was challenging and even frustrating. However, there was a powerful attraction. There was a sense of being outside, looking in at something extraordinary, and a deep desire was born to find a way inside, to access the seeming ease she witnessed in other practitioners.

Over time, Lael became especially amazed at yogas transformational capacity, a natural benefit of mindful self-study, resulting in greater self-awareness. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Colorado, in 2008, and was dazzled by the sheer scope and depth of it all; the feeling that you could devote your life to the study of yoga and barely scratch the surface.

Teaching now since 2011, Lael is honored to act as a guide, a witness, and a container for others to encounter themselves honestly, accept themselves wholly, and grow themselves courageously. She believes that yoga should be safe, challenging, delicious, and fun (though not necessarily all at the same exact time!) and teaches fluid, breath-based vinyasa classes, with an emphasis on safe, smart alignment, and accompanied by playlists meant to enhance and inspire. After seven years instructing, Lael recognizes that her greatest teachers show up in the form of her students, and she’s grateful for the continued opportunity to flow and grow, in communities of inclusivity, curiosity, and reverence for the value of practice makes practice!
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