Paola Rivera Torres



Paola began her yoga journey in 2008 as part of her self-healing process. She believes the combination of breath and movement is the perfect gateway to go within, to tap into the Self. She has dived deep to continue studying yoga and meditation, never losing that curiosity to explore that self-healing process that happens when the mind and the body are truly connected.

After taking a 200-Hour Teacher Training in Mexico City (where she’s originally from), she continued her studies in Los Angeles taking a 200 Hour Teacher Training at YogaWorks Santa Monica and various workshops and intensives at Wanderlust in Hollywood. She was also part of an 85-Hour Pre/Postnatal Teacher Training with one of her all-time favorite teachers, Patti Quintero.

Her classes are fun, challenging at times yet nurturing for the soul, she’s constantly looking to help her students find that magic on and off the mat, always honoring their bodies and doing what feels right for them.



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