Rachael Freedman

Lizzie Wurm200-Hour Faculty, Teacher


E-RYT 200 | RYT 500 | Teacher | Teacher Trainer

Rachael is an Intuitive Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Holistic Life Coach who loves rainbows and all things sparkly. Her mission is to help you realize your full potential, to be your authentic self, to BE YOU. She believes everyone has the ability to heal themselves, step into their power, and live the life they want, and she wants to help you do just that.

She began her journey as a yoga teacher in order to heal herself. She graduated from architecture school with debilitating pain and found Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda helped heal her injuries. She became a certified 500-hr Yoga Instructor and Prenatal Yoga Teacher through The Stress Management Center of Marin in 2011, where she studied Yoga Therapy for two years. While completing her yoga training, she studied Ayurveda at Mount Madonna Institute and became a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner. Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences that compliment each other; Yoga harmonizes the mind, body, and soul; Ayurveda helps care for your physical and mental well-being by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet. For this reason, she is passionate about the benefits Ayurveda provides and enjoys sharing her knowledge.

Through her own healing journey, she has learned the importance of doing what brings her joy, and she encourages others to discover this for themselves. For her, it’s not just about helping people on their healing journeys, but also about crafting, drawing and spending time in nature.

With a specialty in alignment, restorative and gentle yoga, stress and anxiety management, and meditation, her classes emphasize the importance of connecting each movement with the breath. She guides students mindfully through slow poses and transitions to restore and renew the body, mind, and soul. She provides a supportive environment for people to connect with themselves, slow down, and let go of stress, so that they can be more present, productive, and joyful.

Photos by willow star.
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