Holiday Self-Care For Your Spirit

Hannah Morrisayurveda

In her final installment of Holiday Self-Care,  Sachi Doctor is back to share three sustainable practices for taking care of your spirit during this busy time of year.

Holiday Self-Care For Your Body

Hannah Morrisayurveda

This month, Ayurveda practitioner Sachi Doctor shares insight into taking care of yourself during the holiday season. Today she shares four sustainable practices for taking care of your body.

Which Dosha am I?

Brittany McBrideFeatures, Health & Wellness, Nutrition

Holistic Health educator and yoga teacher, Sachi Doctor, expounds on the three energetic archetypes of Ayurveda. Learn more about your Dosha(s), how they govern your physical and mental processes, and accordingly, account for the differences in your individual nature.

Workshop: Breaking Free of Old Habits

Charmie StrykerArticles

Do you want to start the New Year with the tools to create different, healthy habits? Do you feel trapped in unhealthy patterns? You know it’s unhealthy, but you watch yourself do it over and over again? Join Chase Bossart, founder of Yoga Well Institute as he unravels the teachings … Read More

Ayurveda Tips on Staying Balanced This Summer

Charmie StrykerArticles

Article by: Dayna Holli According to Ayurveda the external energy created by the climate has an effect on our internal energies. Seasonal change happens gradually and depending on your location of residence, this change may be more or less extreme. With shifts in weather and temperature we can incorporate basic … Read More

Free Intro to Ayurveda Workshop

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Ayurveda means “the knowledge of life” and is a form of natural medicine practiced for thousands of years. A “sister science” of Yoga that was developed in ancient India, Ayurveda believes that each person’s path toward optimal health is unique because each person is unique.