What is Sri Yoga: Interactive On-line Event and Live Open House

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two women doing ecstatic warrior pose outdoorswith Brenna Geehan and Jean Mazzei

Join Brenna and Jean as they discuss their approach to practicing and teaching yoga.  Sign up for this free on-line event, where participants interacted with Brenna and Jean in their discussion.

Or come and join us in Air studio, home of our teacher training programs to participate in the broadcast, meet teachers, and learn about the July training.

Sign up here for this free event and receive  the link to view the program.

Sri Yoga”s goal is bring about the “SRI” or resplendent nature in all beings both on and off the mat.We prepare the body physically, sealing the pranic “leaks” so our containers can hold more energy. We strengthen the nervous system to help the body hold a higher vibratory rate. We also address the mind, specifically draining the subconscious, to be able to hold the world view of resplendence, beauty and bliss both on and off the mat, as you grow and glow into your Sri Self.

Sri Yoga teaches energy management-through the use of techniques that include asana, bandhas  (energetic locks),  mudras (energetic gestures) , pranayama, meditation, and kriyas- one can transform physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Sign up here for this free event and receive  the link to view the program.