private yoga lessons

Private yoga lessons are appropriate:

  • If you are uncomfortable in group classes
  • Want to break through obstacles in your practice
  • Need therapeutic attention
  • Getting started with yoga, especially if classes seem overwhelming or intimidating
  • Focusing on personal goals
  • Creating a personalized schedule
  • When your practice seems to have plateaued
  • When you have had an injury or are have health concerns
  • When you keep encountering the same blocks or problems

Rates start at $125 for a one-hour session.

yoga for businesses

Research has shown that yoga is an effective method to reduced work-related stress and improve productivity and employee engagement. Since 2009, Yoga Garden has partnered with large and small businesses to design, implement, and evaluate yoga and mediation-based wellness programs. Services for business are discounted from retail pricing, and can be paid by the company or the employees or a combination, depending on the needs of the business. Here are some options.

Option 1 : Private On-site Yoga Classes
You provide the space – we provide the teachers.

This option allows your company to create a specialized yoga program on-site for your employees. Yoga Garden will help you evaluate your space needs or capacity, provide you with a check list to get started, and coordinate employee communications to promote your classes and reach your participation targets. We provide highest-caliber, credentialed, insured instructors (and substitutes when needed). This is a turn-key program.

Option 2 : Discounted Yoga for Employees
Your employees are members of Yoga Garden and can attend any of our 100+ classes per week, with any of 35+ instructors.  Cost can be established as a flat monthly fee for the company, or based on actual usage at a discounted rate.

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