Graduates of Yoga Garden SF’s Yoga Teacher Training

The community at Yoga Garden SF believes that we are the best yoga teacher training in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read what a few of our graduates have to say about their experience at the Yoga Garden and what they have done with their training.

Mariah Frye

Owner of Stone Turtle Yoga

“The more time that passes, and the more teacher trainings I see cropping up everywhere, the more grateful I feel for my experience at YGSF. It was a transformational time, and has directed my life time and again. So, thank you!”

Alyssa Astrinosi

Yoga Teacher – San Francisco

“Teacher training at Yoga Garden was a wonderful experience at an urban oasis! I thoroughly enjoyed the program, specifically the curriculum, the array of instructors and how each topic/subject was communicated. The immersion program is intense, a lot to learn in a very little amount of time, but so inspiring and set a very solid foundation for the rest of my yoga career!”

Swagata Saha

“The training I received at YGSF was a truly transformative experience for me. I came to the program with a fair amount of background knowledge of Yoga, but the teacher training program at YGSF provided me with a formal structure to my understanding of Yoga, and enabled me to identify different ways in which I can impart my knowledge and share my passion for Yoga with others. I was able to make several key connections and develop a number of enduring friendships during the course of my training and beyond. The teachers of the course were very helpful and went out of their way to allow me to develop my skills, many of whom continue to provide me with guidance and mentorship to this day.”

Nick Palladino

Yoga Teacher – San Francisco

“Fantastic training which prepared me to teach and inspire right out of the gates. Would recommend to anyone interested in becoming a teacher.”

Anna Satorre

200-Hr. Graduate 2016

“I recommend this program with all my heart for someone who wants to deepen their practice and to learn the skills to teach yoga with the proper cues and alignment. You will get knowledge on how to build your business as a yoga teacher. But more than that, I will recommend this program to someone who wants a change in their life for the better. If you’re trying to choose what school to pick, go to to their Master Class to check out in person what they’re about for yourself. Love this training and the people I trained with and the teachers that taught it.”

Nicola Survanshi

San Francisco

“Yoga Garden’s training is methodological, thorough, compassionate and fun! I found the training very supportive to both becoming a teacher and furthering one’s own yoga practice. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, collaborative and responsive to the needs and desires of the students.”

Will Pringle

Yoga Teacher San Francisco

“This program was amazing. All of the teachers were incredible and brought something unique to the program as well as an expertise that a single-teacher led training likely could not achieve. I would highly recommend it.”

Lorraine Levy

Yoga Instructor RYT 200 at Cosmic Lotus Yoga, Healing, & Channeling

“I would absolutely recommend the 200-hour yoga teacher training program at YGSF to anyone interested in teaching yoga. I am continuing my education with them and love the program as well as the teachers!”

Jessica Ruby

Yoga Teacher – San Francisco

“It’s YA certified, and the most comprehensive I could find. Do it. It’s a life-changer. You will heal yourself and every person whose life you touch with yoga. Is there any better investment than that?”

Lindsey Gillette

Cave Junction, OR

“Yoga Garden SF’s 28 day intensive was an amazing, door opening experience for me. I am now subcontracting at 2 different places and offer private and small group classes.

When I signed up for teacher training, I wanted to deepen my personal practice and teach sweaty vinyasa flow classes. I was offered a job teaching Gentle Yoga and I took it on. After the first class, I knew that this was a great avenue for me and for my community. No one had taught a class that was accessible for our mostly beginner, skeptical, and blue collar logging town. With a light heart, experimentation, and a LOT of laughter, I have a core group of supportive, diverse, and dedicated students. I feel the community coming together and growing brighter every class.

I am so thankful for the variety of subjects and styles that we covered in the training and the valuable time we spent practicing teaching skills in front of the other students. I felt fully prepared and confident to teach my first class only a few weeks after the training.”

Erik Wells

Graduate 2014

“I was completely satisfied with the experience. It was the best money I have ever spent and I would do it again without any hesitation.”

Laura Hess

“Yoga Garden 200 Hour Teacher Training is an amazing, well-rounded base for anyone interested in deepening their own practice or learning the safest way to instruct others. Along side the clear teaching skills I have gained, this program has transformed the way I live my life. My personal practice is much deeper and my understanding of a true yogic life is tenfold. Above all other benefits, this program reignited my love of inquiry and study.”

Sonya Genel

Yoga Teacher – San Francisco

“I have been teaching yoga for almost 10 years. I found the 300 Hour program with Jean was tremendously beneficial for review and refinement as well as introducing new tools for my teaching. It was an opportunity to deepen my own practice and I am really grateful for the wonderful community here.”

Maren Zweifler

Yoga Teacher – Austin, TX

“The program felt both formative and co-creative, a unique and deeply reflective time when I learned about the subtler aspects of yoga, became more at ease with teaching and learned about the history and philosophy of yoga in an organic, naturally evolving way.”

Cynthia Koch

Yoga Teacher – San Francisco

“This program taught me the science of this practice. This program offered me a formula to understand how to heal myself and bring this power, this gift of connection and awareness through my words, actions and teaching. I am forever grateful.”

Leeann Bissell

“Yoga garden has amazing teachers with experience and integrity. They actively reflected on and evaluated each week of classes to check in our the program. Upon finishing, I felt very prepared to begin to go out and teach. I will recommend to others and have already done so.”

Emerlyn Honey

Yoga Teacher – Perth, Australia

“This training encompassed all the basics and essentials of a beginning yoga teacher. Furthermore, it encouraged creativity and unique individuality. I feel confident to go out and teach different types of classes because I have been educated in the principles of all different types of yoga – Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa for example. We learned and experienced everything from the history and philosophy of yoga, to the alignment and breath-work. Our lead teachers Jon and Sonya were exceptional! I am confident in saying I received teacher training at one of the best studios in California. I am incredibly grateful for experiencing such beautiful teacher training program where I was encouraged to grow on a personal and professional level.”

Brandon Wong

Yoga Teacher – Danville, California

“My experience in the Yoga Garden teacher-training program was life changing. I met many wonderful people and learned skills that I can use on and off of the mat. I’ll definitely return to get my RYT 500.”

Jessica Valdez

Yoga Teacher – Canoga Park, California

“Yoga Garden SF is the best yoga studio I have ever been to. I am so humbled and blessed to have been able to partake in their training with all the amazing instructors. It is a true honor to be able to continue to teach their legacy and style of this ancient tradition of yoga. I can’t thank them enough for leading me through this path.”

Pia Flake

“My Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Garden SF was unique, I not only was able to learn in depths about the background of yoga but also learned a lot about me. The Yoga Community at Yoga Garden is very special, I will definitely come back for more training!”

Jessica Kino

“All of the teachers, program director and owners take great care to instill a well rounded program. From the yogic history and philosophy, to anatomy and alignment and authentic teaching voice, I feel that I graduated with from a great school. I have already recommended this school to several students I know who have asked me where to find a great place for teacher certification.”

Paulina Julian

Yoga Teacher – Mexico

“The program allowed each of us to take our own personal routes of study, to be supported individually in honing our own talents and refining our particular skills as teachers. The studio and community environment make it easy to focus and create a retreat like atmosphere in the midst of our everyday lives.”

Dan Kuja

Yoga Teacher – San Francisco

“Yoga Garden San Francisco is a wonderful studio filled with knowledgable and caring teachers. I highly recommend it.”

Popova Yuliya

Yoga Teacher – Ecuador

“It would trite to say that Yoga Garden’s teacher training changed my life. Rather, the training gave me a new direction, a ticket to a new destination where the journey is what matters most. Namaste!”

Nicola Survanshi

Yoga Teacher- San Francisco

“Yoga Garden’s training is methodological, thorough, compassionate and fun! I found the training very supportive to both becoming a teacher and furthering one’s own yoga practice. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, collaborative and responsive to the needs and desires of the students.”

Leslie Gordon

“The 200-hour intensive is just that — incredibly intensive. It’s demanding but very worth it. As hard as it was, it exceeded my expectations.”

Shannon Handa

Traveling Yoga Teacher

“I can’t thank my teachers enough, for being so generous with their knowledge, and supporting me in becoming the teacher I am today. Yoga Garden will always be like a second home to me.”

Susan Andrews

“I was moved to take this training because, after over 15 years of erratic practice with a variety of instruction, as well as my own growing personal practice, I had come to feel that I come to myself in yoga practice and it felt important to be able to share the experience by facilitating that opportunity for others. Simultaneous with this, one of the counselors in our school district recently had gone to a “Yoga Calm” training in Portland, and the administrator of the continuation high school I serve as school psychologist mentioned wanting to incorporate yoga into the school’s programming. It seemed like to perfect time to do this. So, I looked for an immersion program (since that fits with me having the summer off), found Yoga Gardens and appreciated their responses to my queries, so signed up. I figured the experience would be intense and moving. I do not have words to adequately express how entirely moving the experience was, and I will remain forever changed by and grateful to those who coordinated and facilitated the training, as well as to all my fellow trainees.”

Cierra Mills

“Yoga Garden SF has cultivated a well-rounded and in depth study of the physical, energetic and spiritual components of yoga and has prepared me to share what I’ve learned and what I’m passionate about with others. The teachers in the program are experienced, knowledgeable, supportive and compassionate; I couldn’t have been happier with the program!”