Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Certification

Understanding Trauma | Teaching Resilience Through Yoga

Yoga Garden SF’s Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training is designed to give teachers the knowledge they need to make their teaching more relevant to the needs of all students. Suitable for yoga teachers and trauma workers alike, this training allows students to study at a world-class studio while deepening their knowledge of psychology, physiology, and trauma in the context of the practices of yoga and meditation.

The core and elective classes in this training are designed to help you:

• Create safe spaces for survivors of trauma
• Develop trauma-sensitive language and cues
• Set appropriate boundaries for touch, personal space and teacher-student relationships
• Understand how trauma affects the nervous system
• Understand the roots of trauma in society and the self
• Encourage the natural healing process through appropriate yoga practices
• Have a stronger foundation for work with teens, women and survivors of sexual abuse

Everyone experiences some level of trauma, which can be both individual and collective. Individual trauma based in violence and abuse, both physical and emotional, is compounded by the collective traumas of sexism, racism, and injustice of many kinds in our world today.

Trauma impacts us in many different ways, but always on the level of both the mind and the body. As a mind/body practice, yoga is a powerful way to allow students access to the physiological aspects of the nervous system’s process, the pathway to healing and greater resilience.

While professionals in all fields are finding it more and more essential to incorporate trauma-sensitivity into their work, yoga instructors especially need to be aware of the impact of trauma on their students. Where touch, cues, and sequencing come into play, the possibility of encountering long-held tension and trauma is always present.

In this training, you will learn to understand and engage with students in a way that respects and cares for their unique histories and challenges. Our experienced teachers will instruct you in how to make your classes safer, more approachable, and more appealing to the general public. You will emerge with a trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive teaching practice, grounded in the neuroscience of trauma physiology and the cutting edge of yoga teaching methodology.

The Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Certificate is granted to students who complete 30 or more hours of affiliated coursework.

The training is made up of two required classes and a selection of elective classes. Students must attend a two-hour workshop on Yoga Teacher Boundaries and Ethics, and a 16-hour training core module on Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, for a total of 18 core hours. Students must also attend an additional 12 hours (out of 26 elective hours offered) for a total requirement of 30 hours.


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Teaching to Students with Chronic Pain

April 8 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

with Elaine Oyang Chronic pain can be incredibly debilitating for those who experience it. While it may stem from a past injury, illness, or surgery, some individuals experience chronic pain even without physical damage. Because of its daily, long-term effects, chronic pain impacts us not just physically, but also mentally ... Read More

Yoga in Psychology and the Psychology of Yoga

April 22 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

with Max Kopeikin  This workshop begins with a one hour (gentle but energizing) asana practice. We will then begin an introductory lecture centered on two topics: the History of Yoga in Western Psychology, and the Psychology of Yoga (i.e. yogic perspectives on the mind and ego). We will discuss the ... Read More

Yoga, Psychology and the Expressive Arts

April 23 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

with Max Kopeikin This experiential training focuses on blending yoga, psychology and the expressive arts. We will begin with an experiential arts and asana practice. Then we will sit as a circle to share and check in about the practice as a group. Following the check-in, we will have a ... Read More

Youth Empowered: Trauma-Informed Practices for Teaching Yoga to Kids and Teens

August 5 @ 12:30 pm - August 6 @ 5:45 pm

 with Leigh Stewart This weekend-long training provides background on ways we as educators can use language, set up spaces and offer outlets for community among youth. Whether you are a yoga teacher, classroom teacher, parent, or youth advocate, this workshop will provide creative ways to integrate yoga-based movement with trauma ... Read More

Yoga for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

August 12 @ 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

with Brooke Corazón When we look at the word yoga, we can understand it as both a goal (yoga is union), and the process by which we can reach that goal (yoga is a practice). Throughout our lives, as we engage with the teachings of yoga, our lives are influenced ... Read More

Trauma Core 2: Yoga, Trauma, & Healing

September 16 @ 12:30 pm - September 17 @ 8:30 pm

Theory and Practice of Trauma-Informed with Sean Feit Oakes and Karen Macklin Many people come to yoga to help heal old wounds, both physical and emotional. In this workshop we will dive in deeper to help support students who have been affected by past trauma. In this two-day teacher training, ... Read More

Understanding and Confronting Collective Trauma

October 14 @ 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm

with Brooke Corazón Many yoga classes encourage students to make a connection with their breath and to be present with the physical, mental, and emotional sensations that arise through the practice of yoga postures. Students of yoga are often taught to go toward discomfort with mindful awareness. However, for folks ... Read More

Mariah Frye

Owner of Stone Turtle Yoga

The more time that passes, and the more teacher trainings I see cropping up everywhere, the more grateful I feel for my experience at YGSF. It was a transformational time, and has directed my life time and again. So, thank you!

Sonya Genel

Yoga Teacher San Francisco

I have been teaching yoga for almost 10 years. I found the 300 Hour program with Jean was tremendously beneficial for review and refinement as well as introducing new tools for my teaching. It was an opportunity to deepen my own practice and I am really grateful for the wonderful community here.

Maren Zweifler

Yoga Teacher Austin, TX

The program felt both formative and co-creative, a unique and deeply reflective time when I learned about the subtler aspects of yoga, became more at ease with teaching and learned about the history and philosophy of yoga in an organic, naturally evolving way.

Cynthia Koch

Yoga Teacher San Francisco

This program taught me the science of this practice. This program offered me a formula to understand how to heal myself and bring this power, this gift of connection and awareness through my words, actions and teaching. I am forever grateful.

Paulina Julian

Yoga Teacher Mexico

The program allowed each of us to take our own personal routes of study, to be supported individually in honing our own talents and refining our particular skills as teachers. The studio and community environment make it easy to focus and create a retreat like atmosphere in the midst of our everyday lives.

Shannon Handa

Traveling Yoga Teacher

I can’t thank my teachers enough, for being so generous with their knowledge, and supporting me in becoming the teacher I am today. Yoga Garden will always be like a second home to me.

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