Yogic Thought Meets Modern Motherhood with Suzanne Arms

Industry authority Suzanne Arms leads this yoga philosophy course.

Cost:  $65 (always 10% off for members)

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ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Suzanne Arms is an internationally renowned and inspired teacher, author, photojournalist of multiple books and films on pregnancy, birth and parenting. She is a long-term yoga practitioner and director of Birthing The Future, a nonprofit located in Colorado. Help us welcome Suzanne back as she joins us for these special workshops!


Yogic Thought Meets Modern Motherhood

Industry authority Suzanne Arms discusses some of the following topics in this yoga philosophy course:

  • How yoga helps modern parents and families with how their thoughts, behaviors and decisions  about conception, pregnancy, bonding, baby care and parenting.
  • Essential Yoga and Eastern philosophy and practices for Yogic Thought Meets Modern Motherhood education.
  • What cell biology and epigenetics (gene expression) show us that underscores the value of yoga in modern life.
  • The role of yoga in helping childbearing women lower their level of stress, anxiety, fear of birth and parenting; How yoga raises their levels of confidence and trust in their body, their baby and the biological process.
  • Understanding that the body is the temple of the soul and spirit can transform prospective parents’ understanding of the nature of what it means to be human, and what it means to bring a human being into the world.
  • How learning to fully activate parts of the body while relaxing and releasing tension in other parts at the same time can help women and men in the physically and emotionally challenging aspects of pregnancy, birth and caring for a baby.
  • The ability of yoga-based principles to assist and support women and men who are birthing in the fear and intervention-based hospital environment (or artificially-assisted conception, etc), who often find themselves lacking the physical presence and support of a community at home.

Dates: November 5 & 6, 2012 from 3:30 – 6:30PM
Cost:  $65 (always 10% off for members). Cost is included in the full program tuition of the Prenatal Teacher Training for those taking it.

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